Tips For Creating Charm Bracelets

There are many, many different styles of charm bracelets on the market today. There are almost as many different Chrome Hearts Jeans links, clasps and designs of charm bracelets as there are reasons to give them as gifts. Silver charm bracelets are very popular for daily wear while gold charm bracelets are ideal for elegant evening wear. Of course both metals actually look beautiful at any time, depending on the type of jewelry the woman already wears.

Many people that love charm bracelets and collections of charms have more than one bracelet, allowing them to mix and match what they want to wear. Charm bracelets can be worn with other bracelets and jewelry or they can be a stand alone piece of jewelry.

The different types of styles of charm bracelets allow a lot of options. Popular link styles include those that are larger and more ornate, allowing for the attachment of charms to each link for a very full looking bracelet. Links can be double or even triple, making the bracelets stand out more from the arm and providing additional attachment areas for charms.

Cable types of charm bracelets are found in both gold and silver and contain single, double or triple identically shaped loops that are continual on the bracelet. Curb style links which include both smaller, more rounded links and longer, oval shaped links regularly spaced in a pattern along the bracelet are very popular options.

Heart shaped links on charm bracelets are also beautiful and come in 10 to 18K yellow gold as well as silver and white gold types of metals. There are also some platinum charm bracelets available, which are true treasures. These types of charm bracelets often have a toggle type of clasp, typically also in a heart shape.

Other types of clasps typically used on various types of charm bracelets include the lobster claw, the spring ring and the barrel clasp. These clasps are designed to blend into the bracelet and be unnoticeable while the toggle type of clasp is part of the overall design on the bracelet.

Most charm bracelets come in standard 7.5 and 8.5 inch sizes, which is the length of the bracelet when straight. The smaller size will fit most teens and women, with the slightly larger size also a good match for most women facebook as well, especially if the bracelet is worn fashionably loose.

In general, regardless of the type of charm bracelets selected, adding three to five charms to the bracelet at the time of the gift is important. This allows the woman to immediately start enjoying her bracelet while giving you the chance to keep adding charms for many years to come. Charm bracelets are available both online and in jewelry stores and it is well worth shopping around before making your final decision.


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