Designer Jewellery For Indian Wedding

The celebration of a marriage is holy and very pure. It has a deep meaning for the bridal couple and the families associated with them. It has deep connotations. is a very important aspect of the wedding attire, both for the groom and the bride. This is especially true for an Indian wedding. The attire in other countries is more on the simplistic and elegant lines but the Indian groom and bride are dressed like a Prince and Princess.

The jewellery also helps in sealing the bond between the couple. The clothing must stand out in the crowd and is in deep reds and gold with brocade work and traditional embroidery embellishing the garments. Sometimes pearls linkedin and gold are stitched into the garment especially for the groom. The Wedding jewellery is normally heavy and long. Here are intricate traditional designs woven into the gold and silver and massive diamonds and other gemstones are used to make the most beautiful and stunning jewellery.

The South Indian bride is often dressed in even heavier jewellery than in the North with various kinds of necklaces, bangles, anklets and gold chains in pure gold to make the bride look extremely beautiful and appealing. The kinds of jewellery available are given below.

White diamond jewellery

Kundan jewellery

Diamond jewellery

Gem Chrome Hearts Ring stone jewellery

Pearl jewellery

Meenakari Jewellery

These are especially crafted for the young bride and groom and each has a special significance attached to it. There are various famous centres for jewellery manufacture in India since the ancient times and various regions are famous for making specific designs and using specific materials. The bridal set of jewels include the following given below.

the earrings and necklace

Nath – nose ring

Hathphool – bracelet and rings

Maang tikka

Shringar Patti

Anguthi – finger ring

Choodiyan – bangles

Kamarband – waist band

Bajuband – arm band

Bichua – toe ring

Payal – anklet

The groom in many parts of India also wears a necklace and small earrings but this is only in certain bound areas. Sometimes jewellery is studded into the attire of the groom which could be a golden Achkan and a churidar pyjama to go with it making him look like a handsome prince waiting for his queen.

The ornaments that the male and female both wear are the finger rings, the chain and then there are the bracelets. But for the rest , all are worn by the bride.The jewellery is also a status symbol. The amount of worn by the bride during the wedding shows her and her family’s status. The in-laws also look upon how much the parents have given her and how much she has received from her relatives and friends. The weight of the ornaments is a crucial factor that is judged. This is a fecund attitude but it exists.

Along with the embellishments of thick bangles called kangan, there are long chains, earrings, finger rings, anklets and there are also toe rings. Besides this is the most auspicious and mandatory Mangalsutra which the groom gives to his bride which completes all the marriage ceremonies. The lady always wears this even after the marriage. This is not to be broken down or exchanged at any cost unless it gets worn out.

The Mangalsutra has varied designs across the country. In the North it is made of black beads with interlocking gold designs and a golden pendant and in Central India they seem like tiny bowls which have been beaded together.

Nowadays many brides prefer to go for Costume jewellery which tends to match the wedding costume. Platinum and Diamond jewellery is also holding sway now. So this completes our ensemble of the Indian .


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