Create Extraordinary Handcrafted Jewelry, Handmade Earrings, Unique Bracelets Utilizing Liver of Sulfur

Producing extraordinary layers of color on your handmade jewelry is efficiently realized with using Liver of sulfur. This wondrous chemical compound reacts with many different metals forming fantastic colors on your unique earrings and handmade bracelets making your handcrafted jewelry exceptional. The range of colors that can be achieved are incredible going from gold to black and everything in between. No other chemical can attain such wide-ranging color patterns on the surface of a variety of metals, including brass, silver and copper.

Working in a well ventilated area is a definite must, outdoors is preferable. The odor of rotten eggs given off by liver of sulfur can be overwhelming if used in a closed area. It is easy to be intimidated amazon by the smell but the results that can be achieved are simply incredible.

Liver of sulfur comes in liquid form, which can be used straight from the bottle, or solid form. Solid liver of sulfur is usually sold in small chunks, which are mixed as needed. The shelf life is unpredictable even when stored in a cool, dark place. Because of this, it is better to buy small amounts of the solid and make your solution mixing only what you need to make the most unique handcrafted jewelry.

For the solution, put a pea-sized chunk of solid liver of sulfur in a plastic or glass container with about 1 cup of water. The color of the solution should Chrome Hearts Vest be a very pale yellow. A strong solution will develop the colors too quickly to stop the process at your desired color while too weak of a solution can build a thick flaky crust.

Set up your work area so you can easily proceed from one step to the other. Have a source of heat, the liver of sulfur solution, cold water bath and finally a soapy baking soda rinse. The secret to control the process is the solution strength and the temperature. The hotter solution will react faster and the colors will move more quickly from one color to the next. They progress from gold, pink, blue, purple, gray and finally black.

Before you begin, your metal handcrafted jewelry item should be clean and free from dirt or oils from your hands. Wearing gloves throughout the process can avoid a lot of problems. Liver of sulfur will begin to generate colors the instant you put handmade bracelets or handmade earrings into it. Let the color develop for a couple of seconds on the handmade jewelry item, then put in the cold water to stop the patina forming. Repeat these steps until you reach the desired color. Finally, rinse the piece in soapy baking soda solution to remove any liver of sulfur residue that could continue to change the color of the patina. Do not rub the handcrafted jewelry piece with the baking soda mixture as any abrasive will damage the patina finish you have worked hard to attain.

Liver of sulfur creates a patina finish on metal handmade jewelry but if not treated the effects will change over time. Use a clear lacquer finish to protect your unique earrings and handmade bracelets with their new patina finish. Be adventurous and watch how a little color can change your handmade jewelry into a masterpiece!


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