Chakras And Friendship Chrome Hearts Jewelry Unite

Jewellery sensation Daisy Chakra has introduced some new pieces to their collection that differ greatly from the original range.

Seemingly abandoning the Chakra symbols that made the brand so lustrous, the new Daisy Chrome Hearts Jewelry are similar to that of Links of London, albeit on a slightly more youthful scale.

The Daisy Friendship Bracelet, available at is the key piece in the new collection, composed of 140 hand woven knots that vk link tiny sterling silver tablets. The bracelet is undoubtedly stunning, and works well with the original Daisy Chakra Pendant ?no need to abandon those just yet!

Although the new friendship bracelet is demanding a lot of attention, Daisy Chakra Chrome Hearts Jewelry continue to rise in popularity, with the gorgeous Sacral Chakra flying off the shelves at North East based jewellers Cuba Lily. It seems that Daisy have created a fashion collection that fails to flounder, a substantial task in an era off mass production and ever-changing trends.

The most popular bracelet in the range Chrome Hearts Jewelry is the Heart Daisy Chakra, and has been ever since it was spotted on the wrist of Cheryl Cole. As with all of the Chakra symbols, the Heart Daisy Chakra is available on a variety of coloured cords which have made the brand recognisable over the last year.

To view the complete range of Daisy Chakra Jewellery and the new Daisy Friendship bracelet, visit Cuba Lily. All purchases from the online store are available with free next day delivery if ordered before 2pm.


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