Online Bidding Strategies

Online Auction Bidding Strategies.

I was bidding on an iPhone 4 at an online auction site and i quickly became aware that there is a strategy required to win on these sites. I noticed a lot of bidders with their auto bidder firing away at iPads and laptops just throwing bids away.

I realized that you are going to have to size up your competition and plan out your bids if you don’t want to end up just throwing your bids away. here’s what i recommend?br />

1- Research, make sure you understand how how online auction sites work before you start bidding.

2- Recon, watch the auction that you want Lancel Adjani Vente to bid on and get a feel for the action before you dive in

3- Analyze, See how your competition is bidding. are they using their auto bidders or bidding manually.

4- Plan you attack, after you have done your recon you should know at about what prices the items usually sell for. Use this information to help decide the best time to start bidding.

5- Use you auto bidder, This is a bot in your account that you can set to bid automatically for you. You can input the amount that you want to start bidding at, the amount of bids that you want to use and the max price you are willing to pay for the item.

6- Look for deals, Look for auction sites that offer free bids for registering and bonus bids. This site has a really good offer right now, click here.

That pretty much sums it up for now, i am going to try and win myself a new iPhone 4 or iPad 3G today so wish me luck.


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