Fast Fashion Are You Upto Speed

For a long time, fashion was accessible Chrome Hearts to only a privileged few – partly due to high cost of product and partly due to limited sales channels. The advent of 21st century ushered in a new concept of Glocalisation in Chrome Hearts Online Store the business world. Fashion industry, too, got infected. Not only did retailers brake the territory Chrome Hearts Bracelet barrier by adopting new age marketing platforms but also worked towards making fashion affordable & accessible.

Retailers in the fast fashion space are facing a two-way challenge in current times – One Chrome Hearts is consumer driven and other is peer driven. Over the last decade, people across the world have increasingly grown look-conscious. Consumers want to reinvent their physical appearance frequently, keeping pace with changing seasons and trends. So when trend changes every 2nd or 3rd month, consumers across the world expect their Chrome Hearts Ring favorite retailer to offer them nothing but Chrome Hearts Jewelry the latest product. The huge consumer demand resulting from transient fashion has thrown in tremendous Chrome Hearts Outlet opportunity for new players. Anybody who offers the trend-right product at attractive price is sure to get a sizeable chunk of consumer’s attention and in turn put pressure on competitors.

To keep up with fast fashion, the retail industry needs to be agile, thinking on its feet, sensitive to changing customer needs, constantly monitoring customer buying behavior and delivering high quality products. Strategies based simply on low product cost and mark downs are no longer sustainable. Additionally, rising input costs of raw material, labor and integration of a complex supply chain is only pushing the retail price upwards. Therefore, it becomes Chrome Hearts Online Shop extremely imperative for a company to improve its operations constantly. Managing a large repository of information involving stake-holders from different parts of the world brings down the operational efficiency of a fashion retailer. So, companies are now looking to integrate their various teams on a common platform to take care of inefficiencies arising out of multiple communication channels.

Given the scenario, the implementation of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is being rapidly adopted as a business strategy for successful integration across the fashion enterprise. Companies that took initial approach to PLM are beginning to see significant reductions in new product introduction lead times and consequently enjoying increased value realization. The industry has accepted that PLM is not just a set of technologies, but a strategic business approach that integrates people, processes, business systems, and information

Fashion is different… to different people.

To understand what fashion means to different Chrome Hearts Hong Kong people let us classify Fashion on the dimensions of trendiness, mass appeal and Chrome Hearts Bracelet price:

Mass Fashion – References to anything that is the current trend in look and dress; it is priced as per its aspiration value for the mass customers.

Fad – Products Chrome Hearts Eyewear become a trend quickly or products trend in quickly. For a fad, products are available at very low prices to justify the short lifecycle. Fads may be related to certain events as in sports or music.

High Fashion – Is described as fashion which is driven by individual creativity of the brand owner. It is trend setting, exclusive, customized and unique. The price of high fashion products is driven by exclusivity and customization and is usually out of reach for average consumer Fast Fashion – Emulates high fashion but is available to fashion seeking customers at a price that they are willing to pay.

Features of Fast Fashion

Having understood the genesis of fast fashion and its various dimensions, let’s Chrome Hearts Jewelry look at some of the features of fast fashion that make it unique.

Access to high end fashion at lower prices

The customers of high fashion brand are celebrities or High Net worth Individuals who are constantly being followed by fashion hungry population Chrome Hearts Hong Kong eager to imitate their lifestyle. This is one of the main driving forces behind fast fashion brands.

Quicker and cheaper manufacturing

Quick and cheap manufacturing is the most challenging part of fast fashion. Fast Fashion works on smaller margins and to ensure negligible built up of inefficiencies in the system, it requires operations to be extremely well planned and coordinated.

Rapid inventory turns

Fast fashion is akin to Chrome Hearts Online the concept of fast food, as quick turnaround time is Chrome Hearts Shop the key to obliterating obsolescence. It involves shorter lead-times, swifter product development cycles and shorter shelf lives due to thinner inventory.

PLM – Simplifying Complexity

In the fast fashion industry, PLM solutions play the following significant roles:

Innovation: PLM allows designers to spend more time on creative and innovative thinking rather than struggling with data and communication. Designers are, therefore, able to improve quality and quantity of designs they Chrome Hearts Earrings churn out. Changes can be mapped and tracked back allowing designers to provide more value to downstream processes.

Transparency: A single version of truth ensures that processes move faster on the PLM system while avoiding the back & forth mechanism of a conventional communication and data sharing system. Having a Chrome Hearts Online web based system enables process owners to store, retrieve and manipulate data in real time, with seamless integration between various functions within the organization.

Complexity Management: Through PLM solutions, an organization can manage complex processes like storing fabric and raw material information in a simple and effective manner. With few clicks of the Chrome Hearts Clothing mouse, information pertaining Cheap Chrome Hearts to fabrics/ silhouette/themes used in the past can be retrieved and

used for analyzing trends and forecasting.

Sample Management: PLM brings organizations and their vendors to a single, shared platform enabling them to collaborate easily on Request for Quotes (RFQs), samples and timelines. Users can track various stages of sample development as Chrome Hearts Glasses in quality or design and offer accurate information on cost and

time negotiations.

Cost Reduction: PLM tools break the silos between product teams Chrome Hearts Shop and vendors, presenting an opportunity for aggregation of materials across product lines. This provides better leverage during negotiation with suppliers and manufacturers.


As technology shifts the power of decision making into the hands of customer, fashion Chrome Hearts Belt will become faster, brands to contend with Chrome Hearts Eyeglasses lower margins and faster delivery Chrome Hearts Jackets cycles such a dynamic scenario. The core advantage of a PLM system is that it is not just a set of solutions but also an up-to- the-minute practice that enables companies to bring together the often irreconcilable goals of exceeding expectations of the customer and beating competition in the market place.

PLM adds value throughout the lifecycle of a fast product, starting from conception and forcing the planning of a season to the time a product is delivered to the customer. By decreasing Chrome Hearts Glasses PLM is an ideal tool for complexities and increasing efficiencies within a system, PLM helps in reducing lead time of a product, while making product development cost-efficient and the product fashion superior in quality. As Fast Fashion becomes more and more important in today’s business landscape for Retail, Footwear & Apparel Retailers, PLM will continue to provide a stitch in time.


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